Our hotel is being restored, so accomodation is currently out of service. Thank you for your understanding.
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H-6200 Kiskőrös
Petőfi Sándor utca 106.
(on road #53 right next to the circle)
(+36) 78 511 050


In the Restaurant of our Hotel we guide you to the hungarian and internaitonal gastronomy world. You can get acquainted with our culinary meal specialities in Kiskőrös, one of the familiarest, sophisticated buffet, where the familiary established environment and the quality hospitality.
We take the opportunity for the imaginative experimentation into the gourmet way. We take notice of the latest gastronomic trend at our meal preparation too.

The maintenance of high professional standard motivates us, that we produce the commodities for ourselves and prepare the meals by home-made.

In our hotel you can taste our home-made bread, pastry, and the most of the jams, fruits, vegetables come from our agriculture and the surrounding primary producers.

In addition, the purchase of raw material enjoy priority aspects to be contorlled according to the production conditions of the goods and with great attention for freshness and domestic products.
Surprise your loved one with a romantic lunch or dinner invitation. Who would not like it, if you can spend among loved a few hours more instead of cooking and washing-up. You can taste excellent wines from the wine country of Kiskőrös for our dishes, even within framework of professional presentations.