Our hotel is being restored, so accomodation is currently out of service. Thank you for your understanding.
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H-6200 Kiskőrös
Petőfi Sándor utca 106.
(on road #53 right next to the circle)
(+36) 78 511 050

Conference and Team building

In our hotel there are two air-condotioned lounges with Wi-fi, one of them is 35m2 for 20 people, the other one is 105m2 for 100 people. This is a perfect place to organise training workshops, business meetings and conferences , different performances, seminaries , press conferences. There is also a drink bar and a small forefront, where we can provide coffee breaks on demand.
We can furnish the lounges on demand as a cinema or with desks.
Ask for a customized quote or with our service catering. With our colleagues we can help you to organize team building programs.
You can use the following equipments in the lounges:

Optional Coffee Breaks:
Vinum Basic Coffee Break:         700 HUF/person

Vinum Standard Coffee Break: 1000 HUF/person
Drink deals

Dessert deals

Vinum Plus Coffee Break:           1300 HUF/person

Dessert deals

Vinum Extra Coffee Break:         1700 HUF/person

Dessert deals

Team Building

Also taking into account other needs we are available.