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H-6200 Kiskőrös
Petőfi Sándor utca 106.
(on road #53 right next to the circle)
(+36) 78 511 050

Fishing and wellness in Hotel Vinum

If you would like to enjoy fishing as a family program when the children can also get know the beauty of fishing and the joy of catching a big fish then you should choose Hotel Vinum in Kiskőrös as your holiday destination.
We have a lovely fishing lake in our garden and we also have a boat so our guests are able to paddle a bit or they can enjoy fishing afloat.
Our lake is rich in fish in amount and even in species. If you are lucky you may catch one over 10 kilograms.
According to the rules concerning food hygiene and safety we are not able to prepare the caught fish in our kitchen for you. If the guests want to they can prepare it on their own in our garden with the open-air facilities.
In the Region of Kiskőrös the guests have a wide range of fishing possibilities. In summertime the best programmes are fishing, walking or boating and in the winter ice-fishing could be a challenging opportunity.
Worms and other necessities of fishing can be purchased in a fishing shop about 2 kilometres away from our hotel.

Programs and attractions in our neighborhood

+ Kiskőrös the town of grapes and wine

The town has agricultural roots and it is a great wine producing area. There are still specialists who deal with growing grapes and producing wine. In the wineries of Kiskőrös and its region quality wine from the Hungarian Great Plain is produced. These wines are famous on the Hungarian as well as on the international wine market. This wine region has 64 types of grapes. The European standard wineries where you can taste some specialities are really famous among tourists. In our hotel the guests can get know the bests of the local wines and experience the fact that the wines of Kunság (part of the Great Plain) are for the everyday consumption.


+ Kiskőrös Bath (2 km from the hotel)

The Bath of Kiskőrös is located inside the town borders in a green area surrounded by parks. Its medicinal water is recognized in Europe and is suitable in curing rheumatic, degenerative, genealogical and locomotive diseases. The water has high concentration of sodium-chloride, hydrogen-carbonates, iodine and bromine.

Vinum Vinum

+ Lantos Wine House-Soltvadkert (9 km from the hotel)

This is the Kiskunság Wine Region’s newest winery where you can get a complex experience thanks to visiting the estate and taking part in wine tasting. In the cellar you can have a look at on the tools of wine-making. According to your requests you can visit the estate by horse carriage, hang-glider or even with off-road vehicles.

+ The Birthplace and Memorial Museum of Petőfi (1,3 km from the hotel)

The worldwide known Hungarian poet Sándor (Alexander) Petofi was born on 1 January, 1823 in Kiskőrös. The house in which the poet was born was built in the 18th century and it is still authentic furnished. Two other buildings belong to the museum area: a Statue Park that is unique also in Europe and a Literary Museum with a gallery. The house’s front room preserves the family’s furniture, and in the other one the visitors can see the features of christening and living in Kiskőrös. The kitchen has an open chimney and is equipped with pots of that age. The park where you can see the statues of 14 translators connect the house and the museum. In the Literary Museum guests get know the history of Kiskőrös, the poems of Petőfi and his presence in the memories and in the life of the town. The Slovak Region House is also part of the museum area in which cultural and clothing tradition and lifestyle of the Slovak citizens are shown. In the town centre there is another imposing statue of Petőfi and his wife Julia Szendrey.


+ Vehicular Collection (2 km from the hotel)

This collection has a location of 548 m2 indoor and about 10 000 m2 open-air exhibition area where tools and vehicles in connection with building roads and bridges are exhibited. A collection of maps with1800 pieces and a library with 8500 books of the topic also belong to the exhibition. This unique collection is exhibited since 1968. There is a famous vehicle that was an „actor” in a Hungarian series ’Robog az úthenger’ from year 1976.


+ Old Car Museum (100 m from the hotel)

The museum is situated near the hotel and it can boast about its collections of cars and motorbikes that makes it unique in Hungary. Among others there is a famous object named BENZ Patent Motorwagen that can be admired here. The museum offers a great opportunity (through a wall made of glass) to see how the cars are being repaired. This Old-Timer collection worth a visit even if you are with children, friends or totally alone. Thanks to its interactive possibilities, 3D cinema and other exhibitions it always offer a great time for the visitors.


+ Military Museum and Park - Kecel (11 km from the hotel)

The museum – with its 1500 tools - is the biggest collection of the topic in Middle-Europe. Tanks, combat cars, cannons, munitions, bombers, aircrafts, helicopters, rackets and other interesting military vehicles can be admired on a 3-ha-field. Other historical exhibitions like handguns and artillery, mock-ups and sculptures provide an overall view about the Hungarian military history.


+ Szűcsi forest (3,5 km from the hotel)

Forest Szűcsi is the southern part of Turjános Nature Reservation that belongs to Kiskőrös. The 92 hectares of the forest is home for 300 plant species and has a great fauna as well. Almost the whole area can be visited by tourists but there are some small parts that are strictly prohibited.


+ Lake Vadkerti (11 km from the hotel)

A neighbouring town called Soltvadkert is situated 11 km away from the hotel and there is a cycle path leading there. The town’s most attractive sight is Lake Vadkerti with extension of 75 ha and an average depth of 1,23 m. The lake has a form like a drop and its deepest point is 2,3 m. The bottom of the lake is muddy and the water has beneficent effects in soothing the rheumatic pain. The water follows the changes of temperature fast - it freezes early in winter and in summer it gets warm soon. This lake is really beloved among the people who want to bath or fish. The shore offers a wide variety of sports and free-time activities. Guests can rent a paddle boat, play tennis or football, jump on a trampoline, slide or have fun in the mini funfair. There is also a fitness and adventure park that offers an active possibility to relaxing.

+ Szent Korona cukrászda (Confectioners) - Soltvadkert (9 km from the hotel)

Szent Korona Cukrászda is well-known for its delicious ice-creams and cakes throughout the country. This ice-parlour and pastry shop received the title ’Confectionary of the year’ in 2005. If you want to try some special high-quality tastes, do not miss visiting this place.

+ Horse-riding/Jeep tour – Kaskantyú (13 km from the hotel)

If you are western and horse-riding fun, Ranch would be a suitable place for you. It is situated between Kiskunsági National Park and Orgoványi ’Juniper Field’. This area offers lots of trails and on 4000 ha-territory is covered with Juniper where you can take part on a jeep-tour or ride a horse for days like in the Wild West. In addition to this, the soil is sandy so riding is safe all year round. Being so close to nature and having some programs can provide a great time for everyone.

Vinum Vinum

+ Cycling

Our hotel can provide altogether 16 bicycles (4 of them are equipped with child-seat) for the guests who want to discover the region in a healthy way.


+ Extreme possibilities

Skating-rink, pleasure flight with hot air balloon, hang-gliding, paragliding

Vinum Vinum Vinum Vinum